SevernNet from the air

SevernNet is a not-for-profit enterprise, run by, and working for the benefit of, the businesses, organisations and the community extending from Royal Portbury Dock through Avonmouth, Severnside to Western Approach Industrial Park.


The enterprise is supported by a Board, Champions Group and a Co-ordinator.


SevernNet was born from an initiative started in 2009, building upon the links developed between businesses, community organisations, the local authorities and other stakeholders over the last 5 years. Working with over 150 businesses/organisations it has already achieved significant results.


SevernNet logoSustainability, Community and Enterprise. Our key aim is to work together to transform our challenges into opportunities, stimulating local jobs and skills and enabling more sustainable growth. Principally:

  • Improving transport facilities across the area
  • Supporting community engagement and improving access to work for local people
  • Promoting resource efficiency and development of a circular economy across the area
  • Enabling engagement with the strategic development of the area through the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area


Sue Turner, The Bristol Port Company: “All of the issues we face here are too big for any one organisation to tackle on its own.  As companies, local community organisations, the Councils and charities we have come together as SevernNet – to tackle these big issues.  Call it enlightened self-interest.  Each stakeholder may have a different perspective on which problems are the most important, but by working together to see the big picture – too big for any one of us to address on our own – we can pull together for the good of all our neighbours.

To continue our work we need your support to sustain SevernNet as an organisation and continue working for positive change across the area”.