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Find out about BCC’s draft Corporate Strategy 2017-22 and how to have your say

The Corporate Strategy 2017/18-2021/22 (pdf, 1MB) (opens new window)  includes:

  • the Mayor’s vision for Bristol
  • their  priorities  over the next five years
  • an outline of savings proposals for their revenue budget from April 2017-March 2022
  • their draft capital  programme from April 2017-March 2022

Bristol City Council: “We predict that the council will face a funding gap of at least £92m by March 2022 if we carry on running services the way they are at the moment.  Our ideas for how to begin bridging this gap are listed in this draft strategy.

There will have to be some tough choices if we are to reach our target of balancing the books for the next five years.  An overview of the draft five year plan can be found in our ‘Big decisions, tough choices’ guide (pdf, 328k)

You can find more information and to access the online survey here.

Kate Royston