Business Breakfast round up: Thurs 21 April 2016


PrintOur Business Breakfasts are proving to be worthwhile for attendees – developing beneficial relationships across the area, as well as finding out information from our short talks.

During April’s business breakfast we discussed the importance of Health and Safety and introduced the idea of Business Resilience and Business Continuity Planning.


Welcomes to first-time attendees go to: Amy Collins, Avon Fire and Rescue (Health & Safety); Steve Sliney, Collecteco; Andy Williams, IES; Amy Nicholass, Low Carbon South West & Go Green, and Lee Townsend, Siniat.

Introducing Business Resilience

Business Resilience and Business Continuity Planning are important considerations for any business, but often not considered until an emergency situation arises, by which time it may be too late to safeguard key business assets such as your IT infrastructure.

How resilient is your business?
• How able are you to respond to emergencies and disruptions?
A Business Continuity Plan is essential for any business. Do you have one?

We’ll be providing more information on this topic in future business breakfasts and highlighting a number of useful tools.

A good starting point is the Business Resilience Handbook published by the Bristol Resilience Network last year. You can download it here. It can step you through improving your businesses resilience.

You can do a health check on your business resilience here

Other tools include H.M. Government’s Business Continuity Management Toolkit

COMAH Sites and the SEPF Forum

sirensWith representatives from Avon Fire and Rescue present, it was a good opportunity to remind people about the Severnside Sirens booklet and its advice to Go In, Stay In and Tune In.

The Sirens, which are tested at 15:00 on the 3rd of every month, are in place to alert people to emergencies relating to local COMAH sites (Control of Major Accident Hazards). The sites across the area are managed through the Severnside Emergency Planning Forum (SEPF) which meets periodically through the year.

You can find out more here.

Health and Safety Peer to Peer Network

Lee Townsend from Siniat, is arranging a site visit for the network. Details to follow.

A H&S legal specialist from bond Dickinson has also agreed to come and give a talk.

Circular Economy Initiative

We discussed the Circular Economy Initiative just being launched across the area. Amy from Go Green and Steve Sliney from Collecteco stressed the importance of valuing resources you might consider as waste … could you be doing more with them?

We’re fortunate to have four Masters students who will be working with Resource Futures and SevernNet over the Summer to develop a number of pilot projects across the area.

If you’d like to know more have a look here.

Would you like to know more about how you can introduce circular economy thinking into your business?

We’ll be contacting businesses in the area from Kingsweston Lane, along Mere Bank Road and Cabot Park next week to invite them to join our pilot resource mapping exercise. This is a chance to have free support to understand what opportunities there may be in your business to make better use of some of your resources. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

If this is of interest, you have questions, or would like to get involved, please get in touch (;