eeTEQ Ltd


eeTEQ Ltd (, based in Portishead, operates as part of an expert network, offering water auditing, energy efficient lighting and monitoring services and technology.


A water audit will look at water from a variety of angles to identify cost saving or recovery opportunities. Organisations are often surprised at the opportunities here; over £5m of savings have been made to date for a range of organisations, including some big names. Fees are taken out of savings made/monies recovered – so essentially a ‘free’ service if no opportunities are found.


LED lighting is becoming mainstream, yet this is often not done properly. Rather than just ‘replacing’ lighting modules, computer modelling is used to optimise lighting layouts to yield superior paybacks, or with optional financing, potential cost-neutrality from day one. Initial site audits and savings calculations are carried out for free.


Wireless monitoring and web reporting systems are used to collect and collate utility, process or condition data from different parts of a site, or from different sites, to a central viewing point. Energy monitoring, for example, is useful for understanding where energy is being consumed, and so where optimisation initiatives should be focused. This can equally be applied to water, temperature or other parameter.


eeTEQ was formed by Dr Mike Faram, who also operates as a technology and management consultant, with a track record in helping early stage/SME organisations to develop their products, optimise their processes, analyse and meet market needs, and generally improve performance, adopting innovative approaches where necessary. He has worked with a number of engineering/technology businesses, both as a consultant and CTO.


Mike is a Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) with engineering degrees and an MBA in Engineering Management.


On joining SevernNet, Mike said “Beyond the networking opportunities presented by SevernNet, I very much like the ‘environmental’ and ‘social’ agenda – very refreshing to see small and big businesses getting together to find the best way forward, not just for themselves, but for the wider community and the environment.”


You can contact Mike on 07725 242 115 (