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We encourage you to register your business on the Hinkley Point C supply chain portal at www.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk


The Hinkley Point C supply chain database is actively utilised to match the requirements of contractors, including EDF, involved on the Hinkley Point C project with suitably skilled Somerset AND South West companies. The way it works is that the procurement contacts from the contracted companies are encouraged to come through the supply chain portal to source their already existing supply chains.

Hinkley Point Supply Chain (HPSC) supply them with lists of companies whose capabilities match the scope of their requirements. HPSC don’t have the capacity or resources as a team to link up each of the 3500 companies registered with their direct opportunity but where there is a specific and detailed scope they are able to provide better matched regional suppliers.


Each registered company will be sent bi-monthly newsletter and will be invited to attend HPC workshops and events that are relevant to their registered capabilities and experiences.

Kate Royston