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Travel to Work Survey 2018 – Get involved today


The Travel to Work Survey is an annual snapshot of travel across the SevernNet area … and the West of England.

It’s important that as many businesses as possible from across this area sign up to participate. The results help inform investment in travel across the area.


We would be very grateful if you could participate this year. It won’t take up much of your time.

Get your organisation involved now by emailing Kurt Scheibl and/or using this link.


This will enable your colleagues a chance to feed back to the council about travel and transport in this area and the West of England, as well as receive a personalised business report summarising how your staff travel to work and what issues they experience on their commute.


The Survey is the biggest commuting survey in the UK, asking staff across the West of England how they travel, how satisfied they are, and what they would change on their commute to and from work. It runs from the 12th of March to the 18th of March – each individual only needs to complete it once. You’ll receive a unique link for your business to disseminate to your staff.


It’s used to inform travel and transport policy in the West of England, and to help businesses across the region understand their travel better. Register now at


There’s more information about the Travel to Work Survey here:


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Join us at February’s Business Breakfast



Date: Thursday 15th February, 7:30am – 9:00am
Venue: The Bristol Port Company, St. Andrew’s House, Avonmouth, BS11 9DQ.
Skills for Logistics (SfL) is hosting February’s Business Breakfast.


Megan and David Coombes from SfL will be presenting conclusions from their research of the Skills Needs and Challenges across the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area (ASEA). Focused on the Logistics and Distribution Sector, the work is being undertaken in co-operation with S. Glos. Council, Business West and SevernNet.


As the number of vacancies grow and the numbers looking for work shrink this skills challenge will increasingly impact every business across the area. What measures can we take to address this?


Come along and join the discussion. Book your place here.

Events Members News

Join us at January 2018’s Business Breakfast

Date: Thursday 18th January, 7:30am – 9:00am
Venue: The Bristol Port Company, St. Andrew’s House, Avonmouth, BS11 9DQ.
Sims Metal Management (SMM) is hosting January’s Business Breakfast.
James Norman and Dave Lee are looking forward to sharing Sims Metal Management’s plans for the future in Avonmouth.
Book your place here.

Community Members News

On Your Doorstep – Winter 2018



The winter edition of ‘On Your Doorstep’ is now ready and will be delivered to every house and venue in Lawrence Weston from this weekend.

You can view the online version here.

If you’d like to contribute to future issues please email Laura Moreno at Ambition Lawrence Weston.

Circular Economy Members News

Meet the Bio-Bee

A distinctive new truck is collecting food waste and creating a buzz on the streets of Bristol.


The Bio-Bee is the UK’s first vehicle to both collect and run on commercial food waste and is operated by GENeco, the renewable energy company based in Avonmouth.


With Bristol among 40 places in the UK that consistently exceeds air quality limits for nitrogen dioxide, the Bio-Bee demonstrates a real alternative to diesel RCVs and HGVs by running on clean biomethane.


It also offers a cost-effective and more sustainable way for food waste to be collected and recycled, and it follows in the footsteps of the Bio-Bus – or ‘poo bus’ – which ran on human waste and was trialled in Bristol in 2015.


Boston Tea Party and St Monica Trust care homes are among the first companies to use the service, and it is hoped the Bio-Bee will increase food waste recycling levels in the city.


Charlotte Stamper, project manager at GENeco, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer customers a UK first – collecting their food waste using a vehicle running from their food waste.


“This clean fuel helps to improve Bristol’s air quality and creates a sustainable circular economy for the client’s operations.


“Bees are renowned for the good work they do for the environment, and their daily routine involves collecting valuable natural resources and then bringing them back to a hive to make renewable and nutritious products.


“The Bio-Bee operates the same way. It runs on biomethane that has been produced by the anaerobic digestion of food waste and sewage from houses in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.


“In turn, its total carbon footprint is around 90% lower than a diesel equivalent and it is quieter than standard diesel models.


“The Bio-Bee is also intended to be fun and engage youngsters in the topics of food waste, recycling and air quality.”


A video about the Bio-Bee is available to view here.




Every year each person in the UK throws away enough food to power the Bio-Bee for 25 miles.


If Bristol recycled all the food waste generated by the city’s residents in a year the Bio-Bee could run every day until the year 3,000.


Food waste is collected in the Bio-Bee and brought back to GENeco’s anaerobic digestion plant in Bristol. The waste is depackaged – and plastic is removed – and is then used to produce sustainable electricity for homes and communities.


The remaining food waste undergoes a pasteurisation process before being fed into the anaerobic digesters, where micro-organisms break down the waste in the absence of oxygen and produce methane-rich biogas.


This biogas is either used to produce renewable electricity or it is converted in our gas-to-grid plant to enriched biomethane, which is injected into the gas grid. At this stage it can be used as fuel in the Bio-Bee and other vehicles or to supply local homes.


The solid by-product of the anaerobic digestion process is used as a nutrient-rich and sustainable biofertiliser for farms.


Jesse Scharf, Green Gas Certification Scheme manager at Renewable Energy Assurance, said: “GENeco is playing an important role in the growing UK biomethane industry by continuing to innovate and show that, with creative thinking, we can find solutions to the challenges we face around waste, energy, carbon and air quality.”


Shelley Wadey, finance director at Boston Tea Party, has been working with GENeco on the Bio-Bee project from the start.


She said: “Although we have been recycling our food waste from our six Bristol cafes for three years through GENeco, this is another step forward to make things better by generating a sustainable circular economy.


“Through this partnership we hope to inspire other food operators to follow our lead, demonstrating it is possible to be greener and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.”

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WoE Better Business For All Business Survey

Help us help you comply with the law in the West of England- your opinion matters!

Local authorities in the West of England want to save you time and money, and make it quicker and easier for you to comply with the law. Local regulation takes many forms- it includes trading standards, environmental health, animal health, licensing, planning and fire and community safety. For us to develop a new approach to regulation we need your help.
Please take 5 minutes to give us your honest feedback about your experiences of regulation and how you think we can improve this at . The survey closes on the 30th November.

By participating in this survey, you’ve made your voice heard and are helping shape the way we regulate you locally. Thank you for your time and input.


If you have included your email address we will send you a summary of the results.

Events News

Nov 2017 Business Breakfast

Nov’s Business Breakfast is on Thursday 16th November 2017.
Venue: The Bristol Port Company, St Andrew’s House, St Andrew’s Road, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9DQ
Our Hosts: Professional Hygiene Ltd.
There will also be lots of opportunities to network, and a 30 second slot to introduce yourself and your business to the room, together with refreshments and a light breakfast.

Please register here.

Business Breakfasts are free to attend for SevernNet members. Non-members may attend two Business Breakfasts before joining. There is more information about Membership and a Membership Form here.

Professional Hygiene Ltd is a family owned and run business established in 1999. Located on Chittening Trading Estate the business has grown from its initial 1000sqft in 2003.

Paul Tippins, Managing Director, is looking forward to sharing how the business has grown; recovery from a devastating fire in 2008; and their plans for the future.

Paul would also like to discuss Professional Hygiene’s offer to all SevernNet members for a free washroom audit, 20% discount on all washroom services plus heavy discounts on all janitorial and cleaning products.

Following Paul Tippins introduction we’ll be asking for your views on stimulating local supply chains and services. Do we need to do more to promote local businesses?
 Visit Professional Hygiene Website

About Professional Hygiene

We are a clinical/ medical waste management company specialising in hazardous waste. We predominantly service the Dental industry but also service Doctors, Cosmetic surgeries, Tattooists, Nurseries and Nursing homes

Other sides of our business include:

Washroom services working with trade customers such as FM companies and cleaning companies as a 3rd party service provider to their portfolio; as well as retail customers directly;
A large janitorial supply department. As an independent company we can supply a vast range of products that suit the needs of the customer;
Free delivery of cleaning and janitorial supplies and online ordering system which allows for a hassle free service;
A dispenser fitting service. Advice is always free;
Being distributors for all the main suppliers of paper, soap and cleaning products;
Providing specialist products that are designed to alleviate issues such as pipe blockages, enzyme based paper products and chemicals.

In 2008 we were the victim of a freak accident which completely burnt our unit to the ground. We kept trading through the disaster and in August 2008 we bought a 4000sqft unit 100 meters down the road on the same estate.
Since then we opened our first Waste Transfer Station on Chittening Trading Estate where we deal with Medical and Offensive waste.

We have also added some waste streams that may be of use to local businesses:
Aerosol cans, Aluminium cans, Batteries, Fluorescent tubes, Confidential waste and Gypsum recycling. Battery and Aluminium cans recycling is free but the others have a charge attached to them.
To all SevernNet members, we are offering a free washroom audit, 20% discount on all washroom services together with heavy discounts on all janitorial and cleaning products.

Community Events News

Business Breakfast – Oct 19th – Local Communities Dragons Den

October’s Business Breakfast was on Thursday 19th October 2017.



The event was held in the stunning National Catering Equipment Centre which opened in September 2017 on St. Brendan’s Way (BS11 9HA). Zoe Joyner from Nisbets welcomed us to the building which is a showcase for Catering Equipment including Nisbets own brands.


We were delighted that Cllr. Asher Craig (Bristol City Council Deputy Mayor with responsibility for Communities) was able to join us and open the event.


She commended the businesses, community groups and other organisations for coming together to cooperate and collaborate; and supporting better use of community assets to help build local resilience.


Keith Houghton (BCC) introduced the Port Communities Resilience Fund (PCRF)and stressed its importance in providing seed capital to support community resilience building. Keith’s presentation can be downloaded here.


The breakfast was focused around a Local Community Facilities Dragons Den. Thirty-eight people came along, representing 27 businesses and organisations, including 10 community groups.


Each Community Group had a few minutes to share the aims of their potential bids to the Community Facilities Grant from the Port Communities Resilience Fund. As any bid requires 100% match funding the groups are keen to develop links to businesses who may be able to offer support.


A range of ‘asks’ emerged including project management support, mentoring, help with planning,  groundworks, building design, sponsorship for sports activities and more. Its certainly not ‘just about money’.


Following these introductions everyone had an opportunity to chat and network together … the last people leaving just before 10:00. We understand a number of good connections were made, including B2B leads to be followed up.


If you are interested in connecting up with community groups who might welcome your support, please email [email protected] with the sort of support you might have available, and we can pass this on.


November’s business breakfast will be taking place on Thursday 16th November from 07:30 to 09:00. You can register here. Host to be announced soon.


If you are interested in SevernNet membership you can find out more here.


If you would like to host a Business Breakfast and/or sponsor breakfast please get in touch. Lack of a venue need not be a constraint. Both The Bristol Port Company and Shirehampton Golf Club are able to provide a venue (subject to availability).

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Congestion on Avonmouth Way – 30th Aug. 2017 – 14:00

There is increasing concern about the congestion on Avonmouth Way.


If this is of interest, please join us for a discussion at Nisbets Canteen, Fourth Way on Weds 30th August at 15:00.


We will be joined by representatives from Bristol City Council including Cllr. Mhairi Threlfall, Cabinet Member for Transport and one of our local representatives, Cllr. Don Alexander.


The key discussion points:
● Current situation
● What’s being done?
● What can we do to help ourselves?


The discussion is facilitated by SevernNet, hosted by Nisbets and supported by local businesses.


To help us with numbers, if you plan to attend please email [email protected] or call 07969 569 444.


A flyer for the discussion can be downloaded here.

Community Events News

Avonmouth Summer Fest 2017

The sun shone on Avonmouth Summer Fest in spite of the weather forecast which had promised heavy rain and thunder and lightning. Lots of people turned out to enjoy a variety of activities including learning a circus skill or how to grow food, playing in the ball swamp, fishing for fruit and veg or helping to create a flower mandala.


More active pursuits were available in the form of Zumba, circle dancing or hula hooping and the bike carousel was a great hit with the children but also one or two adults.


A Forgotten landscape artist in residence, Deborah, helped residents to create a big paper model of the village and port.


Relaxing opportunities included a cup of Pukka tea, a massage with Rosie, a sound bath from Monika and Yoga with Simon.


The human library offered the opportunity to have the loan of a person instead of a book and find out about an interesting hobby, job or life style.  One of the books on offer was Dr William Lee who has been involved with the Bloodhound SSC project which is based here in Avonmouth.  The ambition of Bloodhound is to design a car which will go at 1000 miles an hour and at the same time engage children and young people in Science, technology, engineering and maths.


It was great to see so many familiar faces but we were also pleased to see people who were new to the community centre.  We also had a visit from the Port Police and the Fire Service both of which were enjoyed by the children.


Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of local business, Thanks go to Nisbets, The Bristol Port Company, Professional Hygiene and Warburton’s who all contributed.


We also had support in the form of prize draw prizes from Koh Thai Tapas, Square Food Foundation, and Lawrence Weston Community Farm.  The public health team, Avonmouth children’s centre team and St Andrews church also work hard and contributed to the success of the event.


For more information about the event and Avonmouth Community Centre check out their facebook page or contact the Community Centre on 0117 982 7445 or email [email protected]