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Business Breakfast – Thurs. March 16th – Shirehampton Golf Club

Many thanks Shirehampton Golf Club for hosting March’s Business Breakfast and to Business West for supplying the food and drink. The event saw 30+ attendee’s from organisations from across the area come together to discuss the opportunities available from our hosts.


As always, the ’60 second intros’ were very interesting. We also heard that colleagues from Brand51 were running a 24 hour ‘Cycleathon’ for Red Nose Day and Wesport are planning a business football league – stay tuned for more information.


We welcomed two new SevernNet Members – Ambition Lawrence Weston (ALW) and Shirehampton Golf Club. Membership certificates were presented to Joanne Clarkson on behalf of ALW and Jon Palmer, our host, for Shirehampton Golf Club. We were also delighted to present a membership certificate to Principal Joe Docherty on behalf of Oasis Academy Brightstowe.


 SevernNet Membership certificates presented to from ltr Joe Docherty, principal Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Jo Clarkson –Ambition Lawrence Weston and Jon Palmer – Shirehampton Park Golf Club by Kate Royston, SevernNet.


Shirehampton Park Golf Club

Jon introduced the Club and the facilities on offer, including corporate fun and coaching days. These are activity days flexible to suit all abilities and tailor made to suit a business’s individual requirements. A key feature is the opportunity to play a full round of nine holes with professional guidance. These activity days facilitate team building and engagement and also promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle!


The club is currently working with Nisbets and Oasis Academy Brightstowe to provide young people with access to golf training.


Jon outlined individual and group membership packages. The club is also available for businesses to hire, with facilities including the restaurant and a board room. With plentiful parking, Shirehampton Park Golf Club provides an excellent venue for business events.


The New Skills West Programme

Barry Tugwood from Business West presented the new ESF/SFA Business skills advice project set against the new landscape of changes in the provision and delivery of apprenticeships and associated funding.


To support the current government’s plan to grant 3 million people apprenticeships by 2020, The Skills West Programme aims to provide employers with impartial skills advice and support to contribute to this objective.


Large businesses who have a £3 million plus salary bill will be required to enter into a new levy system to invest in apprenticeships within their business.


Small and medium size businesses are entitled to a 90% government contribution to their training and apprenticeship programs.


Business West aims to provide a centre for impartial advice and guidance in the sector. Barry stressed that connectivity is key. The program does this through gathering succinct and current labour market information, following a best practice diversity program and listening to and understanding the needs of the employer. This enables the programme to bridge the skills gaps and help a business to grow.


Current stakeholders include local authorities, FE colleges and universities. With a target of 3,200 businesses to engage in skills advice, Barry and his team have the drive and ambition to support businesses of any size in employment related opportunities. Please get in touch with Barry ([email protected]) if you would like more information about the programme.


You can download the presentation here.


Celebrating SevernNet Working

Partners from the SevernNet Working Partnership spoke briefly of the impact and successes of the Coastal Communities Fund project.


Joanne Clarkson from Ambition Lawrence Weston highlighted the fantastic work achieved by the Employment Hub’s set up in both Lawrence Weston and Avonmouth. The initiative has been key in connecting local residents with jobs in Avonmouth and the surrounding area, and will continue to provide employment support for local people.


Manor Singh and Kate Royston discussed the SevernNet Flyer’s success in providing 600 -700 passenger journeys per week. The Flyer has proved to be a valuable transport link between Avonmouth Station, residential and industrial areas in Avonmouth, Access 18 and Cabot Park. The SevernNet Flyer is operated by Wessex Bus. Funding for the current service comes to an end in June 2017. A stakeholder group including Wessex Bus, Esoterix, SevernNet, South Glos. Council and a number of local businesses are looking at the feasibility of operating an ongoing sustainable, employer led service, that can also serve businesses in Western Approach.


Kate reminded attendees of the need for their employee’s postcode data in order to configure the route to suit the needs of employees.


Resource Efficiency Initiative

Students studying for a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy and Management gave attendees an overview of a research project which they are conducting. The research aims to explore resource management across the area. How are local businesses in the distribution and logistics sector managing their residual resources? Are residual resources being treated locally? Are local resource management businesses e.g. the Energy Recovery Centre treating local materials? Are local residents refuse and recycling being processed locally? How do local residents perceive local resource management businesses?  The students are keen to speak with local businesses and community leaders in regards to this and ask if anyone is interested to please get in touch with project leader Jacqueline Hood, contact number, 07869 483 315.


Travel to Work Survey

Kate encouraged attendees to participate in the Travel to Work Survey. Alongside questions regarding staff happiness and chosen travel mode, the survey also gives employees an opportunity to freely comment on travel and the issues and concerns they have. Every comment will be read by the relevant council, and every organisation will receive a report of how their staff travel to work, their commute satisfaction and issues and concerns. James Tate form Avara reassured attendees that the survey is short and hassle free, with a high level of engagement from his employees.

The overall results of the survey will be shared at a future Business Breakfast.


Other Events

The last Sustainable Transport Forum was held on the 22nd February. A summary will be available soon. The next Transport Forum will be on 17th May 2017. This is a valuable and informative platform bringing stakeholders together to discuss local transport challenges and opportunities.  If you’re interested in attending please email [email protected]


A date for local health and safety professionals: the next Health and Safety Peer to Peer networking group will take place on April 5th at CHEP.


Thank you for helping to make this month’s event a success. The next Business Breakfast will be hosted by Nisbet’s on April 20th. This will be an opportunity to understand more about Nisbets and their worldwide operation, based in Avonmouth. We look forward to seeing you there.



February 2017 Business Breakfast Summary

Many thanks to Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) for hosting February’s Business Breakfast and to The Bristol Port Company for offering their space. The event was attended by seventeen organisations from across the area. Topics discussed included the importance of Management Skills and the Value of Branding.


John Baker, South West Regional Board Member of CIM shared a number of interesting facts about the South West Business Environment


Mark Guatieri and Amit Kumar from Brand51 ‘edutained’ us with their enlightening fifteen minute masterclass on Branding.


Two new SevernNet members were welcomed – Ambition Lawrence Weston and Shirehampton Golf Club.

We’d like to encourage as many organisations as possible to support our work by becoming a Member.


Shirehampton Golf Club will be hosting our Business Breakfast on Thursday 16th March at 07:30. You can book here


For a full summary of the event click here.




News Transport

Highways England: M32 Eastville Viaduct works

Skanska, working on behalf of Highways England, will be carrying out works to replace the central reservation barrier over the Eastville Viaduct on the M32 motorway.


The attached letter gives details of when and where works will be taking place and other general information about the scheme.





Importance of Management Skills and Branding featured at Feb 17’s Business Breakfast

February 2017’s Business Breakfast – Thursday 16th February

Our hosts this month were the Chartered Institute of Management at St. Andrew’s House, The Bristol Port Company.

John Baker from the Chartered Management Institute talked about the state of UK leadership and management from the perspective of some of their research, and practical, low cost things that can be done to improve management competence. John outlined what help is out there for you and your managers. His presentation is available here.

Brand51 also featured

Brand51, a local branding and graphic design company, have been instrumental in helping us launch the SevernNet Business Breakfast.
Mark Guatieri and Amit Kumar from Brand51 shed light on what Brand51 do for local businesses and offered some words of wisdom about the importance of branding.

Their presentation is available here.


The importance of businesses participating in the West of England Travel to Work Survey was also stressed.

The survey will be running from the 13th to 17th March 2017
The Annual Travel to Work Survey is an important tool to help us understand how employees across the area view their transport opportunities and needs. It’s findings are key to helping us argue the case for improved services and infrastructure.



Hinkley Point C Supply Chain Portal

We encourage you to register your business on the Hinkley Point C supply chain portal at


The Hinkley Point C supply chain database is actively utilised to match the requirements of contractors, including EDF, involved on the Hinkley Point C project with suitably skilled Somerset AND South West companies. The way it works is that the procurement contacts from the contracted companies are encouraged to come through the supply chain portal to source their already existing supply chains.

Hinkley Point Supply Chain (HPSC) supply them with lists of companies whose capabilities match the scope of their requirements. HPSC don’t have the capacity or resources as a team to link up each of the 3500 companies registered with their direct opportunity but where there is a specific and detailed scope they are able to provide better matched regional suppliers.


Each registered company will be sent bi-monthly newsletter and will be invited to attend HPC workshops and events that are relevant to their registered capabilities and experiences.


North Bristol Health and Wellbeing E-bulletin – February 2017

From: Letty Anderton [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 06 February 2017 10:40
To: ‘Letty Anderton’ <[email protected]>
Subject: North Bristol Health and Wellbeing E-bulletin – February 2017


Wellbeing in North Bristol

Welcome to February’s edition of the Wellbeing E-bulletin from Southmead Development Trust. We will be providing you with regular news of events and activities that promote health and wellbeing in Southmead and the north of Bristol.


This month – Mental Health and Sleep


We’ve all experienced the odd fretful night where we cannot seem to drift off, but what about when this extends to longer periods of sleeplessness?


Sleep is as important to our health as eating, drinking and breathing. It allows our bodies to repair themselves and our brains to consolidate our memories and process information. Poor sleep not only makes it difficult to focus and cope, it can also put you at risk of serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.


As someone who knows this personally, I can tell you that sleep problems potentially have a huge impact upon your life. It’s always good to seek support from your GP when you’re struggling, but what else is out there that can help? Here’s a few suggestions:


Mind provides some helpful tips on their website on how to cope with sleep problems.
Moodjuice – a self-help guide to start to understand what may be underlying sleep issues and challenge unhelpful patterns of thinking
Headspace – a mediation app that helps you master the art of relaxing your body and mind


Feeling sleepy? I do hope so.


Local events, activities and new community groups


Monday 13th February – ‘Challenge yourself to a Change’ this February! Join us at The Hub in Lockleaze to enjoy the film ‘Yes Man’ and take part in activities and conversations to make you think about the changes that you want from your life. From 1-4pm. Film not suitable for children under 12.

Thursday 16th February – entertain the kids this half term with a screening of the film Ratatouille at Southmead Community Centre. Real Economy will also be making some tasty snacks for you enjoy! Costs £1. Event from 12.30-4pm.

Monday March 27th – join Wellbeans Initiative for their event ‘Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace event’. A chance to explore how to effectively tackle the issue of employee stress, mental health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace. From 9.30 – 12.30pm, City Hall, College Green. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Fridays –  ‘Women are ACE’  is a weekly group for women to improve emotional health and wellbeing. Runs from 10-11.30am at Faithspace, Prewitt Street, BS1 6PB. Travel can be refunded with a ticket.

Ongoing – find out about various clubs and courses running at Orchard School this year for parents at OSB and within the local community. See here for information about Couch to 5K, Returners to Netball, a conversation club for people wanting to improve English and more.



Courses and workshop


Recovery College

The Recovery College runs workshops across the city (Greenway Centre in North Bristol) on a variety of topics on mental health and wellbeing, from Confidence Building, Coping with Anxiety to Food and Mood and Mindfulness. Check out the website for a programme of courses on offer and their locations across the city.

Has Life Been Hard?

Hands on training delivered by Golden Key for groups in Bristol who may benefit from gaining more insight into anxiety and depression. This training offers the opportunity to learn a few practical tools from those who have been there. For more information, contact 0117 9166 551.




How do you make time for yourself?


As I continue this project I hear from more people across North Bristol to find out how they make times for themselves in their busy lives.


Check out our CASS website to see more community profiles and hear about the joys of gardening, table tennis and good old fashioned coffee and cake with friends!


If you or anyone you know would like to be involved, get in contact. Please help by sharing these posts on Facebook.


This e-bulletin is part of my wider work as a CASS networker in North Bristol. CASS works with community, equality and faith groups to raise awareness of mental health services. To find out more about CASS, check out our website



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January Business Breakfast – very high turn out!

The Bristol Port Company hosted this month’s Business Breakfast. The event saw a great turn out, with 35 attendees from a diverse variety of business and sectors. Many thanks to John Chaplin, Katherine Lovell, David Brown and team for their hospitality.


This event marked the one year anniversary of Business Breakfasts and SevernNet would like to thank everyone for their continued support.


David Brown provided an insight into current and future prospects for The Bristol Port Company and the surrounding area.


James Stangroom helped us understand how the cruise business in Bristol is developing.


Lisa Wood presented Wesport’s Active Lunch campaign and stressed the importance of health in the workplace for both employers and employees.


Manor Singh gave us an update on the SevernNet Working Coastal Communities Fund.


For a full summary of the event please click here.


We hope to see you at February’s event, stay tuned for more information!

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February Business Breakfast – Thurs. 16th Feb – 07:30 to 09:00

February’s Business Breakfast is on Thursday 16th February 2017 from 07:30 to 09:00

There will be lots of opportunities to network, and a 60 second slot to introduce yourself and your business to the room, together with refreshments and a light breakfast.

Register here

Our hosts this month are the Chartered Institute of Management at St. Andrew’s House, the Bristol Port Company.

John Baker from the Chartered Management Institute will talk about the state of UK leadership and management from the perspective of some of their research, and practical, low cost things that can be done to improve management competence. John will outline what help is out there for you and your managers.

This month we’re also featuring:


Meet the branding experts from Brand51, a local branding and graphic design company, who have been instrumental in helping us launch the SevernNet Business Breakfast.
Mark Guatieri and Amit Kumar from Brand51 will shed some light on what Brand51 do for local businesses and will also be offering some words of wisdom about the importance of branding.



West of England Travel to Work Survey, 13th to 17th March 2017

Pre-register your organisation for the survey now at here.

The Annual Travel to Work Survey is an important tool to help us understand how employees across the area view their transport opportunities and needs. It’s findings are key to helping us argue the case for improved services and infrastructure. Kate Royston will explain how your business can participate.

We hope you can join us. If you can give up an hour and a half first thing in the morning, we promise you’ll walk away feeling it was time well spent. Register here

A regular monthly event, this is an opportunity to meet your neighbours – local businesses from across the area – large and small – share information and get to know each other better.

We look forward to meeting you.


Burst Water Main outside Asda Distribution Centre – St. Andrew’s Road

The burst main is on St Andrews Road adjacent to the Asda Distribution Centre and is causing localised flooding and congestion.

Bristol Water is attempting to control the leak by throttling the valves, although this is being held up by traffic attempting to continue to drive through the water.

A repair crew and a traffic management team is en route to co-ordinate setting up a safe area in order to make a repair. The crew will take ice signs and some salt to grit the road and we are appealing to motorists to either avoid or drive carefully past the work. There is a high possibility of excess water freezing later this evening.

Once Bristol Water has assessed the damage to the main they will work to repair it as soon as possible and reinstate the road surface. Bristol Water apologises to all those affected by this burst main.

News Transport

North Somerset Sustainable Transport News

Introducing the first edition of the Sustainable Travel Business Engagement newsletter.

“I hope you find it useful and that it gives you an overview of what’s going on at the moment. We plan on producing more of these newsletters, so please let me know your suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you soon if you have any questions, queries or comments. Please do feel free to pass the newsletter on to whomever you think might be interested.”


Gideon Thomas, Business Engagement Manager, and the Sustainable Travel and Road Safety Team at North Somerset Council.


Download the newsletter here.