Resource Forum

Members of SevernNet can take part in our Resource Forum, posting:


Resources you HAVE in your organisation that are surplus to requirements, for example

  • under-utilised space or skills
  • residual resources (W) – heat, water, plastics, paper, cardboard, metals, wood, unusual stuff
  • surplus items that could have a second use but are currently going to landfill


For example

  • parking capacity, health & safety support, more drivers
  • wood for re-processing, renewable heat, particular inputs others may have

Here are some examples of items currently sought or available in the area (June 2016).elemis2 elemis3 wastecare3 wastecare2 wrings1 moduflex1 elemis1 babcock1 severnnet1 wrings2 wastecare1 collecteco1 collecteco2


Please contact SevernNet if you are interested in any of the resources listed.

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