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NEWS: New Bike Hub in Lawrence Weston – repairs and support, by the BMX track

NEWS: Free loan bikes now available


Cycle confidence sessions

Boost your confidence on a session with a qualified instructor. Beginners welcome!

Borrow a bike

Borrow for FREE for up to 3 months to make essential travel.  Contact us here to register your interest.

Cycling and Walking

We want to help you travel actively. We have lots of help to get you going. Click here to find out more.

Bike Hub

Our new community bike workshop and cycle hub for lessons advice and more. Come to chat and get a safty check on your bike

Rides and walking routes

Local Walks and Bike rides to help you stay active, explore the area and get where you need to go.

Cycling and Walking Map

Our map shows the local network of paths and routes to help you get about. Click here to see the map.

Contact us

Get in touch for travel advice, to give feedback on the area, or enquire about support.

Business support

We have a range of support on offer to help Get your business travelling sustainably.

Staying Active

See our tips for staying active. Ideas for keeping fit indoors or outdoors and while working from home

Getting to work

We want to help you get to work. We have area-specific information for your travel options.


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Public Transport

Information on local bus and train services. Find out more about journey sharing


Making travel easy!

  • FREE hire bikes – for up to 3 months
  • FREE personalised route planning, maps and advice for walking and cycling on the phone or via email. Contact us here.
  • FREE 1 to 1 cycle training and confidence sessions. Videos can also be found online here.
  • See our active travel resources for tips including videos on learning to cycle or our staying active page for ways you can keep fit.

Please get in touch if you would like travel advice or would like to suggest how we can help: Sam Marsh, 07516661801 – Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Whether it’s by bike, on foot or using public transport, we are armed with information to help you find a quicker, cheaper, safer, healthier commute.

What we do

We work with businesses and individuals to find solutions to everyday travel problems and help create happier healthier journeys for everyone.

Why we do it

Reducing lone journeys by car in the area will lead to safer roads, a fitter, healthier, happier and more productive workforce, cleaner air and cost savings all round.


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26/8/2021 – Bikes now available to borrow for free including e-bikes. New leisure cycling group Severn Riders are now organising rides – join here:

01/07/2021 – 1 to 1 cycling lessons are now available to book to boost your confidence on a bike! Delivered in partnership with Severn Ride and Stride, Bristol City Council and Life Cycle. Social distancing will be maintained at all times. Contact us here

20/06/2020 – You can now let the council know what changes you’d like to see to help you walk and cycle more in Bristol! Their interactive map allows you to ‘add a point’ or, simply ‘like’ an existing suggestion. By adding your input to the map you can increase the chance of changes in your area. Click here to view

Examples include new cycle lanes or pavement widening to allow people to travel safely.😊 Everyone should be able to feel safe out on the roads! It would be great if we could make the roads friendlier for cycling and walking – for fitness, health, pollution reduction and a quieter, safer more enjoyable place to live.…/CrowdsourceReport…/index.html…

15/06/2020 -It is now a legal requirement that “Bus, coach, train, tram, ferry and aircraft passengers must wear a face covering on their journey to help reduce the risk of transmission when social distancing is not always possible”

15/05/2020 -We now have a fleet of bikes available to borrow for free for up to 3 months to make essential travel. If you need a bike to get to work, do shopping or make other essential journeys, please get in touch to register. Contact us here to register your interest.

13/04/2020 – We are promoting a weekly challenge to give you ideas of how to stay active. See the latest challenge here

8/04/2020 – TravelWest announce cycling support for key workers View here. This includes:

8/04/2020 – First Journey-On travel profile completed – Tom Wilmott GKN View here

28/03/2020 – CCTV Installed at Avonmouth and Severn Beach Stations

We have been working with GWR (Great Western Railway) and Severnside Community Rail Partnership to facilitate CCTV installation. Work is almost complete installing cameras at these location, making travel safer in the area and bike parking more secure!

New Walking/Cycling Group

We’ve started a new group called Severn Ride and Striders on facebook, where people can organise rides or walks, share ideas or advice and discuss all things cycling and walking! Join the group here. You can also follow our latest updates for Ride and Stride on our page here.

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Walking and Cycling

See our Walking and Cycling page to find out about upcoming events and general tips on getting around. We’ve been planning an exciting calendar of activities which include:
  • Learn to ride – Learn how to ride a bike
  • Leisure rides – Easy rides to build confidence
  • Commuter rides – Faster rides to get you to work
  • Led walks – Make friends and explore
  • Dr Bike – Free bike servicing

The Map

Severn Ride & Stride maps now available to download (below) and as paper maps (contact Sam or Alexa – see below)



For people who live or work here

Why get involved?

Do you get fed up of being stuck in traffic? Finding a parking spot? Be part of the solution!

Riding a bus, bike or train, or striding out on foot can be more relaxing and reliable than driving. It could also save you money and help you get fit.

Help available?

We can help make it easy with:

  • Information on local walking and cycling routes, car sharing and public transport
  • Led walks and rides
  • Cycle confidence sessions
  • Dr Bike events
  • Bike maintenance sessions
  • Active Travel breakfast, competitions, challenges and initiatives
  • Sales of walking and cycling gear at cost price
  • Help you add your bike to Immobilise, the national property register which helps the police reunite stolen bikes with their owners
  • Link in with our Volunteer programme to help maintain new walking and cycling routes in Avonmouth and Severnside

Events and activities will take place through the year, but please talk to us and tell us what you need.

To stay informed join us on social media or email and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Facebook   @SevernRideandStride

For businesses

How your colleagues get to work is important. Everyone driving separately can cause problems with parking, clog up the roads, delay business deliveries, and lead to a more isolated, stressed and unhealthy workforce.

Sustainable travel however can bring many benefits: reducing traffic problems, attracting and retaining staff and increasing the wellbeing, happiness and productivity of your staff every day. Promoting sustainable travel is a fantastic way to show you care about your colleagues, your area and your environment.

We’re here to help with:

  • Creating bespoke Travel Action Plans for your business
  • Postcode mapping and tailored advice
  • Signposting to travel related grants, services and initiatives
  • ‘Try before you buy’ bike sessions for your staff
  • Cycle confidence sessions
  • Active Travel breakfasts
  • Bike loans schemes
  • Workplace Champion training
  • HGV and cycle awareness raising
  • Active Steps – an intensive 8-10 week health programme for staff

Travel Action Plans

A Travel Action Plan is an easily digestible document detailing existing transport options, staff travel behaviour and identified motivators and barriers to active and sustainable travel. It also provides a step by step implementation plan to boost your productivity, profitability and competitiveness through the implementation of an action plan to encourage a reduction in single person car journeys.

Please get in touch if you are interested in receiving support in your business.