SevernNet Buzz – Essential Information for Businesses


With effect from Monday 2nd October 2017, SevernNet Buzz has been operating as a cashless service for the registered colleagues of participating businesses.



What does this mean for my business?

SevernNet Buzz provides local businesses with the opportunity to attract and retain staff, and improve staff engagement in a competitive labour market, by ensuring people can access their sites without needing to drive from Monday to Friday.


It can also help alleviate local congestion and on-site parking pressure by providing an alternative transport option.


“Supporting SevernNet Buzz makes recruiting new staff easier and improves retention rates. Overall it saves us money.”

Zoe Joyner, Nisbets Engagement Manager


The role of participating businesses in supporting the service and their colleagues will be recognised in West of England wide ongoing publicity. Business logos can be included on the sides of the bus.


Please note, the colleagues of non-participating businesses will not be able to use the service.


What does this mean for my staff?

The service is designed to meet the needs of the colleagues who use it. This includes following the best route, supporting main work start and end times, meeting key train services, and knowing when to wait for delayed trains and when to go.


Colleagues wanting to use the service  register by creating an account at; and providing details about their journeys including where they are travelling from and to. This also provides them with a personalised timetable.


The service is cashless to enable faster boarding times.


The route

SevernNet Buzz currently serves colleagues:

  • travelling to work from Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston and Avonmouth
  • travelling by train or bus into the area
  • working in Cabot Park, Access 18 and Fourth/Third and Avonmouth Way.


How does my organisation take part?

A participating business will be asked to subscribe on a monthly basis for their colleagues using the service.


SevernNet Buzz will provide employers with a monthly report of who has used the service, and each business can decide how they wish to recoup the travel costs from their colleagues.


There are various models, for example:

  • Collecting a set amount each month for use of the service either via salary sacrifice (saving approx. 33%) or other means, and funding the balance (if any);
  • Collecting the value of the journeys travelled and funding the balance (if any);
  • Providing the service at no cost to staff


How much are passenger fares?

Subscriptions to the service are charged to the employer monthly as follows:


Users Cost per user per month
1-5 £75
6-15 £60
16-50 £50
>50 £40


Why has the SevernNet Flyer become SevernNet Buzz?

Although popular, the SevernNet Flyer was not financially sustainable without subsidy. Subsidies are no longer available and we need to explore new ways to keep this valuable service going.


SevernNet Buzz is an employer led and funded service which has to be able to ‘stand on its own feet’ by July 2018.


In the interim some additional ‘top-up funding’ has been secured by being part of an Innovate UK supported project to develop and implement new transport services. Please let us know if you would like more details about what this offers you and your staff


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SevernNet Buzz makes it easier for you to attract and retain staff, reduce parking and traffic congestion and boost your profile for a low monthly cost aligned to the benefit you receive.


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