SevernNet Buzz Timetable Changes from 12th March 2018

Timetable Changes introduced 12th March 2018

With effect from Monday 12th March, some changes have been made in the SevernNet Buzz timetable in response to user feedback. These are summarised below.


SevernNet Buzz Timetable and Route wef 120318


Timetable changes wef 12th March 2018 include:

  • Many services now also stopping at the Park and Ride on the Portway (not inside the Park and Ride; you need to walk out of the P&R to the bus stop just outside). This will facilitate passengers who want to travel to the area using this service.
  • Services which started at 10:03 and 10:35 have been cancelled due to very poor usage
  • The service which meets the 17:15 train now leaves earlier to reduce the risk of peak-hour congestion causing missed trains
  • there is a new service for 21:00 shift starts;