SevernNet Flyer


The SevernNet Flyer began service on Monday 11th Jan 2016, operated by Wessex from their base in Avonmouth, with three dedicated drivers.


SevernNet Flyer route and timetable change from Tuesday 1st August 2017

  • Improved timetable to better serve shift start and end times to get you to work and home again

  • Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston directly served

  • Industrial area served – Avonmouth, Access 18 and Cabot Park

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  • Service extension to Central Park and Western Approach

  • Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston no longer directly served

With effect from Monday 15th May the SevernNet Flyer will be operating to a new timetable with a number of changes to the route. This is available here.


The SevernNet Flyer was established as a pilot service (as part of the SevernNet Working Coastal Community Fund initiative) and has been running since January 2016. The funding for this pilot service comes to an end in July 2017.


A decision has been taken by South Gloucestershire Council (who commission the service from Wessex Bus) to amend the route in these last couple of months of funded service. This will enable a service extension to Central Park and Western Approach Industrial Park in the north of our area and shorten the journey time from Avonmouth to Cabot Park.



This service extension provides access to a new area. To accommodate this, the SevernNet Flyer will only be picking up (in residential areas) at Avonmouth Station and Avonmouth Village. Passengers from Shirehampton or Lawrence Weston will no longer be directly served.


SevernNet and other stakeholders are working with local employers to develop an employer led service to replace this pilot service later in the summer. More news is expected in the coming weeks.


We welcome your views and feedback on the impact of any changes and on the future of the SevernNet Flyer. We are also keen to hear from employers with a concern about the options available to employees to get to work across the area.


Email or call 07969 569 444.


SevernNet Flyer possible delays this week (8th May 2017)

St. Modwen’s Link Road is closed this week (Monday to Friday) to ensure the safety of contractors, as ANPR technology is installed. This is impacting the SevernNet Flyer Shuttle Bus service which uses this route.

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SevernNet Christmas 2016 timetable

The SevernNet Flyer will be running as usual over the Christmas period, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, when there will be no service.

Temporary route in operation between Tues. 13th and Friday 30th September

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September

On Wednesday and Thursday entry from Kings Weston Lane to Access 18 will again be restricted and the route served will differ
from the norm. Although the roads used may be slightly different on the two days, the stops will be served in the same order:
Avonmouth Station – Shirehampton Green – Lawrence Weston – Ridingleaze – Lawrence Weston – Third Way – Fourth Way –
Access 18 – Co-Op Distribution Centre – Yankee Candle – Culina Logistics – Access 18 – Fourth Way – Third Way – Avonmouth Station

We apologise for the disruption this week, which as you know is beyond our control. Our drivers will do their best to adhere to the timetable and be as punctual as circumstances permit. We will publish information about Friday, Saturday and Sunday once
we’re confident that the work is progressing as planned.

You can download this information here.

New Timetable from 9th May 2016

From the beginning of May 2016 the fare is £1 per journey with reduced rates available for multiple journey tickets and travel cards. More details below.


With effect from 9th May 2016 the following fare structure will be in place:
£1            Flat fare per journey – pay on bus
£1.75       Day Ticket – bought via the Wessex App only
£9            Weekly Ticket
£30         Monthly Ticket
£315        Annual Ticket

£9            10 Journey Ticket

Employers have an option to buy Corporate Season Tickets direct from Wessex Buses.


This is your pilot service. Its success will be dependant on usage and it meeting your and your colleagues needs!

The route and timetable will be adjusted as needed to meet local needs.


The service links Avonmouth Station and village, Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston with Cabot Park, Access 18 and Fourth Way/Avonmouth Way. More details on stops and the route below.


Severnnet Flyer Side view 14 Jan 16



The timetable has been developed to support Continental Shift Times and 07:00 to 19:00/19:00 to 07:00 working seven days a week; and office hours Monday to Saturday.


Download a SevernNet Flyer leaflet and timetable here.


Please let us know, and encourage your colleagues, to provide feedback on the service. Is there a problem with timing? Is there a need for an additional service etc? You can email us at


The Details

The Timetable


The Stops

The Shuttle Bus serves the following locations:

Residential Areas

  • Avonmouth Station and Village (Premier Stores)
  • Shirehampton Village – The George
  • Lawrence Weston Baptist Church and Avonmouth Parade

Business Areas

  • Cabot Park incl. Expeditors, Coop, Culina, Elemis, DSV and Yankee Candle
  • Merebank Road
  • Access 18 incl. Nisbets
  • Avonmouth Way / Fourth Way incl. Nisbets

The Route

Please note that the SevernNet Flyer serves all bus stops on the line of route. Please signal to the driver that you wish the bus to stop.

The service commences at Avonmouth Railway Station, from the stop just by the platform. Portview Road, Colin Street, Avonmouth Road for a stop outside the Premier Stores.Across Portway Roundabout, along Avonmouth Road and High Street into Shirehampton Green.
Back along High Street and into Kings Weston Avenue and Long Cross for a stop at Lawrence Weston Baptist Church and Avonmouth Parade, turning road by the shops.
Back along Long Cross into Kings Weston Lane.
Turn right into Merebank Road, left into Poplar Way East around Rockingham Roundabout and back to Co-op Distribution Centre in Cabot Park.
Up Poplar Way East to Culina Logistics, back round to Elemis and Yankee Candle.
Turn left back into Merebank Road, left at Kings Weston Lane, right into Access 18.
Through Access 18 and Nisbets (Access 18 and Avonmouth Way/Fourth Way).
Right onto Third Way, left onto St. Andrew’s Road and back to Avonmouth Station.Your Service

The SevernNet Flyer is Your Service – as businesses and as passengers.

It’s important that we work together to meet your needs and we welcome your feedback via or via the driver.