Road network news and info (incl. A403 highway reconstruction)

There are two areas of road and highways information we’re providing:

  • Local roadworks or road related challenges across the area
  • Updates from Highways England concerning their Strategic Road Network.

If you are aware of roadworks  that we have not reported on please let us know.


Local roadworks and road challenges across the area

  • March/April 2018
    • Gas pipes and electricity cables to Rockingham. More here.
    • Oil pipeline work on Severn Road. More here
  • April to June 2018
    • Viridor Energy Recovery Facility on Severn Road. More here
  • Congestion on Avonmouth Way. Discussion 30th August 2017. More here
  • News about other roadworks across the area can be found here.

Highways England – Strategic Road Network

  • J19, M5
  • Updates on ongoing work from Highways England can be found here.

A403 Highway Reconstruction Project

  • This project was active in 2016 and 2017.
  • You can find information related to this here: A403 Highway Reconstruction Project.
  • An overview of the programme and maps can be found here.
  • Ongoing updates ere available here.