A number of partners have come together to form a partnership to work collaboratively with businesses and the community to develop a local industrial decarbonisation plan (LIDP) for the West of England Industrial Cluster (WEIC).

The cluster, and the LIDP, is focussed on a ‘Hub’ of activity in Portbury Avonmouth Severnside (PAS) with spokes out to dispersed industrial clusters across the wider West of England.

This is an immensely important programme of work which will be running through to the end of December 2024, and provides significant opportunities for PAS and the wider area as we work towards decarbonising.

This is a national programme which has huge potential for the region in the coming years.   

The partnership* has been successful in securing funding of up to £608k from Innovate UK, to develop the LIDP. The partners include:

  • Ameresco Ltd
  • Black Country Industrial Cluster Ltd
  • Bristol City Council
  • Copper
  • Hydrogen South West
  • North Somerset Council
  • SevernNet Ltd
  • Severnside Carbon Capture and Shipping Hub Ltd
  • The Bristol Port Company
  • University of the West of England
  • West of England Combined Authority (Lead)

We encourage you to get involved, and if you’d like to know more please email.

*The West of England Industrial Cluster is a group of public and private partners led by the West of England Combined Authority.   We have been awarded UK Government funding to create a Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan for the West of England in 2024.   

Stakeholder Survey

We are undertaking a Stakeholder Survey to inform the plan and we would be most grateful for your time and support with this. Any business, organisation or individual with an interest in the plan, or the region, is invited to complete it.

This survey covers trends that may affect the region; organisation energy consumption and emission reduction; and community priorities. By taking part, your views will shape how the area decarbonises, grows and develops new low carbon infrastructure. It may also allow us to signpost you to funding and other support to help you improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. 


Click this link to access the survey.

You can choose only those sections that are relevant to you and will have the option to skip those that aren’t.  Depending on how many questions you choose to answer, the survey should take between 15 and 45 minutes to complete.  Your answers will be treated confidentially and any output will be anonymised, unless you select otherwise.  

The survey will be open until 14th June 2024

If you have any questions about the survey, please email LIDP@SevernNet.org where you can also request a telephone call back.

Feel free to forward the survey link above to any local businesses/ contacts/ networks you think might be interested in completing the survey or might be interested in the Local Industry Decarbonisation Project more generally.

We are very grateful for your input.