In May, an innovative 5G project is trialling game-changing wireless connectivity for improved logistics efficiency, new services and traffic management.
The 5G Logistics testbed at the Avonmouth Bristol Port dock and the adjacent St Andrew’s Road, is the result of a 12-strong partnership led by the West of England Combined Authority.
You can watch the project video here.

This project is part of a government funded programme exploring how 5G’s high levels of reliability, speed and capacity could deliver new opportunities and improvements to all sectors and service provision.

With providers other than large telecoms operators now delivering tailored private networks to a business or district’s needs, UK businesses are being encouraged to think about what 5G could do for their competitiveness and the skills they will need to take full advantage of the opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about the 5G Logistics project or how 5G is being used in your sector, please contact indicating your specific area(s) of interest and whether you would like to attend a related event/webinar (by COB 11 May).

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