One of the best business decisions I have made in recent years was to hire an apprentice.
Weston College: “We’re seeing increased demand from employers looking to build their team for the future, so we’ve committed to creating 300 apprenticeships in just 100 days.”

For more information contact Dave Crew at Weston College

Why not upskill a current employee?
Anyone can be an apprentice, even if they are already employed by you. By upskilling current staff, you can eliminate the cost of recruiting and training someone new and allow current employees to gain new skills and knowledge and keep your staff motivated, as well as promoting internal progression and reducing staff turnover.
For more information contact Simon Arnold at City of Bristol College

Gift your apprenticeship levy
Apprenticeship levy transfer is an excellent way to encourage potentially lost Apprenticeship funding to stay or be imported locally.
For more information contact Steve Gale at Western Training Providers Network

Workforce for the Future … see separate post

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