Setting up a localised approach to outbreak management

A message and invitation from Ami-Louise Duggan, Public Health Bristol.

  • If you’re able to participate (details below) please email


Firstly I would like to say Thank you for your endless effort to help your communities in such uncertain times, it’s been a hard year and your work is so valuable!

As Covid 19 rates in Bristol are high, we now need a localised approach to outbreak management. I am setting up a Avonmouth Ward C19 Task Force to tackle issues in the communities and what we can do as community workers/businesses/volunteers to help bring the rates down.

We will discuss ideas such as signage, marshalls, community champions and enforcement.

Everyone will have a part to play in this meeting whether its community intelligence from being on the ground and seeing everyday situations, have some capacity to pop up some posters on lamp posts or buildings or having the knowledge and resources to keep your employees safe in their workplace.

The first meeting will be based around the facts and figures of Covid rates in the Avonmouth ward and the structure of the meetings going forward.

Meeting date: Tuesday 1st December, 1.30pm-3pm, Location: Zoom (invite link to follow in a separate email Tuesday morning)

So as the first agenda I suggest:

  1. Welcome and introductions – Ami
  2. Brief description on Outbreak Management and stats – Mohammed
  3. Structure of this meeting: is there anyone missing? How often? Who should lead the meeting? – All
  4. What are the problem areas within our communities? (Community intelligence) – All
  5. Ideas to increase knowledge and reduce rates? (signage, myth busters, marshalls etc) – All

Hope to see all of you on zoom Tuesday.

Many Thanks, Ami


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