When: Thursday 21st June, 7:30am – 9:00am

Venue: Avonmouth Community Centre, 257 Avonmouth Rd, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9EN

Hosts: Maker Lab initiative (PCRF-BCC*) and Avonmouth Community Centre Association

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Very many thanks to Jac Blacker and team from Avonmouth Community Centre who also provided the breakfast. They have a challenging job keeping the place going and always welcome business engagement.


A brief summary of the event follows.

We would also appreciate any thoughts on possible follow up actions besides a proposed Market Engagement Event to gain and maintain momentum around a Maker Lab community across the area.


Jac Blacker kicked off introducing Avonmouth Community Centre (ACCA) and the team. The centre is expecting to undergo some transformation as a Community Asset Transfer from BCC is finalised.

Time is being invested into promoting STEM and creativity for young people and adults in the area.

They are looking forward to hosting a Maker Lab facility including 3D printing and less technological aids such as knitting and sewing machines. Thinking, Making, Doing.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Avonmouth Summer Fest on Sat. 28th July, from 12:00 to 16:00. The theme is Mischief Making, lots of doing and ideas generation. If you have any thoughts get in touch with Jac on avonmouthccamanager@gmail.com. Flyer can be downloaded here.


UntitledThe Avonmouth Lawrence Weston Ward Maker Lab concept was introduced by Michael Dow from Bristol City Council. Presentation can be downloaded here. Within the Port Communities Resilience Fund of £1m () £110,000 has been earmarked for investment in establishing both a Maker Lab equipment and training, and in setting up a Circular Economy Business Support Programme (CEBS). See presentation (attached) for more detail.

A training programme is being delivered through Avonmouth Community Centre and the Community Learning Team to develop interest and skills with children and parents; and facilities will be available for businesses and the community.

Michael is looking for a cohort of interested and engage businesses for CEBS. A Market Engagement Event will be announced shortly.


Kate Royston gave a short overview of the Circular Economy and the SevernNet area. A presentation can be downloaded here which gives some examples from across the area and progress facilitated by SevernNet.

Circular Economy thinking is all about designing out waste and making sure that what’s put into a process, a service or an object is able to be recycled back into the economy usefully without causing harm … and eliminating waste. A circular economy is regenerative by design. Find out more here.

SevernNet runs a Circular Economy Forum which will be meeting more regularly in the future and supporting the CEBS programme.

An initial vision of a Circular Portbury, Avonmouth Severnside Area was developed last year and needs dusting off and adopting!


Industrial Innovation provides challenges and opportunities, and access to facilities like the Avonmouth Maker Lab facilities is really important . Mike Faram from eeTEQ provided valuable insights into industrial innovation and early stage technology business development and how to make it happen. A lot of Mike’s work has been in the water industry looking at ways to reduce waste water and improve processes. Download presentation here. mike.faram@eeteq.com


Follow Up Discussions showed that there is genuine interest in the Maker Lab concept. Businesses are interested in the potential to use the facility and some thought is needed as to how to make this work for everyone involved. Mad Science S. Wales and Bristol are also excited by the concept and what it can bring to the area.

A Forum space was suggested for discussion. The new SevernNet website which will be available by September 2018 could host this.

The LibraryPlus concept, and other centres of excellent, were all suggested as potential models to learn from.

Drew Aspinall mentioned Big Bang S. West. An exhibition and competition space, the event is now fully booked.


Kate Royston closed the Breakfast with a quick summary of things going on across the area including:

Updates on (download presentation here):

  • SevernNet buzz service in Avonmouth and Western Approach
  • Severn Beach trains and poor performance plus case for Pilning Station
  • Progress on our cycle and walking network
  • Local roadworks
  • Avonmouth Way double yellow lining
  • Business Breakfasts for 2018
  • SevernNet Transport Forum – Weds 18th July – 09:30-12:30



Local events where businesses are welcome:

  • Lawrence Weston Community Plan Launch, Th. 28th June 09:30-13:00 including lunch
  • Severn Festival at Severn Beach on Sat. 14th July 11:00 – 16:00. Download flyer here.
  • Avonmouth Community Links on Thu. 19th Avonmouth Community Centre. 19:00
  • Avonmouth Summer Fest. Sat 28th july 12:00-16:00. Download flyer here.


Welcoming new SevernNet Members:

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Smart Quality Services
  • Brightelm
  • Sims Metal Management
  • Viridor
  • LED Lights 4 U


We hope you enjoyed the Business Breakfast and we look forward to seeing you on 19th July in the Presentation Suite, St. Andrew’s House with Balfour Beatty as our hosts. You can book here for July.

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