Exercise Koala 2016 will take place next week (week commencing 7th March)

This is a Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) exercise to test the emergency notification chain in the event of a large scale industrial incident on Severnside. The exercise involves 2 test emergency calls and the cascade to all emergency responding agencies involved in a response to such an incident.

The exercise is NOT testing the sounding of the Severnside Sirens and local media have not been informed. Your business shouldn’t receive any phone calls as part of this exercise, however Bristol City Council would like to make you aware, in the unlikely event that exercise calls are generated, that any phone call made as part of the exercise will be preceded by the words ‘Exercise, exercise, exercise’.

For any questions relating to this exercise or any COMAH related enquiries, please contact Andrew Bruce at andrew.bruce@bristol.gov.uk

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