Kings Weston House, Tuesday 13th May.

Thirty-six delegates from twenty-nine local organisations met at Kings Weston House on Tuesday 13th May. The employment challenges across the area were discussed and a number of key actions agreed. Download the summary report here.

the viewKings Weston House was a great venue for such an event and we are grateful to Norman Routledge (KWH) and Ambition Lawrence Weston for the venue and the catering. Norman can be contacted at

The event was organised by SevernNet. Local businesses and organisations are encouraged to become members to enable the organisation to continue its work in bringing together businesses and community enterprises across the area … and helping resolve common problems. Details can be found at or call Kate Royston on 07969-569-444.


SSE were unable to attend to discuss the consultation process for Seabank 3. This closed on 23rd June 2014. Details available at

The West of England LEP Skills team have a range of services and information available to support you. Check out or call 0117-922-9076 . Free skills support reviews are available to SMEs. Becca Thurston’s presentation: LEP Skills Team Overview.

The five key employment and skills challenges identified across the area were:at work

  • Need for affordable and reliable transport connections
  • Possible need to synchronise different shift patterns across the area
  • Need to mentor employees to bridge the gap between expectations of work and training and reality
  • Need to support both long term unemployed adults and young people to transition into work
  • Need for greater visibility of vacancies available

 To address affordable and reliable transport connections it was agreed to:

  • Drive development of a shuttle bus facility across the area. A group has been formed to produce a feasibility study with Adele Haley from Social Access. We are looking for 4 or 5 employers to support an initial service. Please get in touch if interested.
  • Drive improvements across the area through the SevernNet Sustainable Transport Forum which brings stakeholders together each quarter; and in partnership with Local Sustainable Transport Fund team.
  • Actively support the DUBIRAH pilot for demand responsive transport across the area as partners. Travel data has been provided. The feasibility study was successful. Next step is a bid in the autumn to the Technology Strategy Board for service development funding.
  • Support improvement to cycle and pedestrian safety. A number of initiatives are underway through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and a Coastal Communities Fund bid.
  • Request participation in the Northern Arc Forum looking at initiatives to improve transport flows from Avonmouth to Emerson’s Green

The development of Ambition Employment – Ambition Lawrence Weston’s initiative to develop an employment, training and skills matching service – will be supported by SevernNet and local businesses as it kicks off in the autumn. This will help address several of the needs.

To address greater visibility of vacancies across the area between employers and those seeking work.

  • SevernNet and Ambition Lawrence Weston’s websites will be used more effectively to provide information across the area.
  • Employers should notify vacancies to the Avonmouth Work Club, Wescott Jobs Club, Ambition Lawrence Weston and the Ways to Work team at Bristol City Council. Contact details below.

Employment opportunities for younger people must be improved particularly through bridging gap between expectations of work and training and the reality of daily work life and to support the transition into work.

A Youth Employment group has been set up led by Zoe Joyner (Nisbets) and David Pick (Inspire and Motivate) supported by The Bristol Port Company. Kick off meeting is at The Bristol Port Company on Monday Aug 11th (14:00).

Additional support will be provided through the Avonmouth Employment and Enterprise Working Group, the SevernNet Community Engagement Group and through SevernNet Working – the bid for funding from the Coastal Communities Fund (Round Three).

Follow Upbreaktime

The momentum generated from our first Employment Challenges event will be maintained through the above initiatives and a follow up event to be held on the 12th November 2014.

Thanks to Clive Reynish from DX Network Services (difficulty in filling posts) and Kieran Flower from The Bristol Port Company (exemplary apprenticeship scheme) and for everyone’s lively and informed contributions.

Contact Details

SevernNet and membership:                     Kate Royston ( 07969-569-444
Avonmouth Work/Wescott Jobs Clubs: Andy Hollick (
Ambition Lawrence Weston:                      Mark Pepper (
Bristol City Council Ways to Work team: Chris Mitchell (


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