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Kings Weston House hosted a lively event on Wednesday 12th November, discussing employment challenges across Portbury, Avonmouth and Severnside … principally being able to get people to work across the area, improve the availability of employees with the right skills and attitudes to work and the employment chances for local residents!

Organised by SevernNet and hosted by Kings Weston House, the event brought together participants from 22 local organisations.

Summary and outcomes

  • First improvements to the cycle and walking infrastructure should be realised by March 2015 with investment in Lawrence Weston Road. More to follow during 2015/16. Sustrans are informing the development of a cycle and walking network. Initial thoughts can be found here.
  • Work is also be needed to ensure that the cycle and walking network are readily accessible i.e. that they are well maintained, have clear signage, access to secure bike storage, bike loan schemes etc. Sustrans and LSTF will work with SevernNet to enable this.
  • The arrival of the First Bus 41 service extension has improved access to work along Kingsweston Lane in particular. There is a need to add at least one stop on St. Andrew’s Road when this can be done safely. If you have a view contact sue.arrowsmith@firstgroup.com by Weds. 26th November.
  • Plans for the shuttle bus – BuS11 SevernNet Flyer are moving forward with support from a number of local businesses.
  • We need to reach more people across the area through social media to make sure that everyone living and working across the area recognise the transport options available. A  SevernNet Bicycle User Group (BUG) has been kicked off on Facebook. Please share the link!
  • Miriam Ricci highlighted the importance of mobility to avoid social exclusion. Access to affordable and healthy means of transport is a critical factor. Key points from here study here.
  • News is eagerly awaited from the Big Lottery about SevernNet Working – our Coastal Communities Fund Bid. Expected in January, if successful it will enable the development of Employment and Enterprise Hubs in Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston (as well as funding for the shuttle bus and part of the cycle infrastructure).
  • Development of Ambition Lawrence Weston‘s Ambition Employment enterprise is continuing and an Employment worker should be recruited in the next few months. Together with the hubs, Ambition Employment will support a people centred approach to  preparing people for local vacancies.
  • A vibrant network to support young people into employment across the area is developing since the SevernNet Youth Employment Group was launched in June 2014. Employers have an opportunity to work with a number of initiatives including HYPE-West and Lawrence Weston Community Farm.
  • BITC could offer a locally tailored version of their Step up to Work programme for 16-25 year old’s with employer support. Summary presentation here.
  • IAM (Inspire and Motivate) is planning to launch its e-bay selling enterprise which will be operated by young people in supervised training on March 2nd 2015
  • Juicy Blitz’s youth run mobile smoothie bar can be booked by local employers for events or to provide a healthy lunchtime addition!
  • An initiative from Bristol City Council and the Sports Council has been launched to offer sporting activities and a chance to take up coaching for shift workers across Avonmouth and Severnside. More details here.
  • Green Capital provides a great opportunity to promote the area. A number of initiatives are being developed to provide a showcase.

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Everyone agreed it had been valuable to catch up on developments together and a follow on event will be arranged for May/June 2015.

Thanks to Nisbets and Ways to Work for supporting the event.

For questions and queries contact Kate Royston (kate.royston@severnnet.org; 07969-569-444)





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