Works will be starting on Severn Road/Ableton Lane in 2022

  • From 10 January National Grid (NG) will be starting to build a temporary access on Severn Road and then progressing with construction of a haul road from the new access and five pylon work areas from mid-February to early May 2022
  • From mid-February, NG will also be starting to build a temporary access and layby on Ableton Lane for access to Crooks Marsh
  • NG is coordinating the two stages of works and associated traffic movements to limit disruption to businesses and users of Severn Road as much as possible
  • NG will be working with the contractors (Balfour Beatty) to ensure traffic monitoring is in place and that traffic can be kept moving as efficiently as possible.

Traffic management dates

Details of the traffic management associated with the works starting in January are below.

Works and locationTraffic management and duration
Severn Road:
Temporary construction access
Construction road and five work areas 
Traffic lights for approx. 6 weeks from 10 January.
Mid-February to early May 2022
Ableton Lane:
Construction access and layby

Lane closure for approx. 8 weeks from mid Feb 2022

A more detailed map of the overall works is included below or can be found here.

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