Date: Thurs. March 28th from 07:30 to 09:00.
Host: SevernNet with TIER and Ameresco / City Leap
Venue: St. Andrew’s House, St. Andrew’s Rd, Avonmouth. BS11 9DJ

Thanks to everyone who joined us for March’s Business Breakfast and very many thanks to our speakers:

  • Julian Miller from Ameresco
  • Mark Atkins and Callum Dixon from TIER
  • Justin Reeve from West of England Combined Authority

Thanks also to Anne Hayes and colleagues from The Bristol Port Company who enabled the demonstration area and the Dr. Bike, together with Sam Marsh from SevernNet/Bike Bristol.

For March’s Business Breakfast we brought you two important topics which proved to be of great interest:
– Renewable Energy investment opportunities and how these may be realised
– Micro-mobility as a key modal option for sustainable transport … and how TIER is able to support this

Following introductions SevernNet provided a short update on the progress of the Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan project for the West of England Industrial Cluster.

With Portbury Avonmouth Severnside (PAS) as its hub, we have the opportunity this year to bring together, and support, PAS businesses to develop their net zero journey planning; and take advantage of potential collaborative approaches and infrastructure.

At our last breakfast (more details here: Rhianydd Griffith asked if businesses could pilot our initial stakeholder survey.

We’d like to thank everyone who supported this and provided initial feedback which is all being incorporated into a more detailed survey. This will be distributed later next month, and will ask for actual data on energy consumption and emissions, and projects in your pipeline. This will be essential information to help develop the plan.

Opportunities for Renewable Generation in PAS

Julian Miller (Ameresco) reminded us that renewable generation will be part of the solution for decarbonisation plans across the area; and we need to consider how this can be achieved, and support the demand for increasing electrification, given the limited grid capacity. This may take a number of different forms, including solar, wind and BESS (battery energy storage systems) and can be deployed in different ways including as a microgrid “behind the meter”. The latter can avoid the problem of limited grid capacity.

There are different commercial options available. Ameresco, with its City Leap commitment spanning 20 years is able to take a longer term view which can enable more attractive business cases with stable pricing over the long term. Do get involved, and if you’d like to understand options for your business, community, development etc. have a chat to Julian ( or drop us a line at

Julian’s presentation is attached; and is also available to download here

Micromobility and TIER. How TIER can support the area, our businesses and community

Mark Atkins from TIER stepped us through their progress in deploying e-scooters, e-bikes and e-cargobikes across the West of England and Portbury Avonmouth Severnside (PAS) since taking over from Voi. PAS has played an important part with DHL warehousing the vehicles locally.

Adoption across the West of England is growing significantly with 1.4m kms travelled by 53.3k users to date in 2024. Availability and growth across PAS has been constrained, we believe, through limited parking spaces and unavailability in the N. Somerset and S. Glos. part of PAS.

Mark stepped us through an engaging presentation outlining usage across the area compared to Bristol city centre; and highlighting opportunities to increase the number of parking spaces.

To enable TIER to help PAS businesses, colleagues and residents to take greater advantage of the accessibility to sustainable transport offered TIER would like to establish connections with organisations in our area to offer:

a) B2B packages to improve sustainable travel for our colleagues (contact

b) to explore opportunities to improve the network in our area via increased parking locations on land in both the public & private sector (contact

Mark’s presentation is attached; and is also available to download here.

Future Transport Zones Update

Justin from West of England Combined Authority provided a shot update on the Future Transport Zones programme that has received £24.4m government funding and started in July 2020. See for more information.

Justin highlighted the value of the TIER service in assisting understanding of travel patterns across the West of England. The data from all the journeys is proving to be very informative in developing transport and travel strategy.

The FTZ programme has included:

  • E-scooter trial (see TIER above)
  • WESTlink on demand bus service. We understand that there are going to be a number of changes to this service. You can find out more here: Also attached the Bristol_North_Zone_Map_2024-web.pdf and Portishead_Zone-Map_2024-web.pdf which are probably most relevant for the area.
  • Transport data hub which will enable innovation into the; and can further help inform transport & Travel strategy, policy and infrastructure investment
  • e-cargo bike trials. The Bristol Port Authority has been one of the beneficiaries; and has resulted in a considerable reduction in van miles.
  • All-in-one journey planner and ticketing app which will provide travellers with different multi-modal travel options and enable ticketing to cover one journey
  • Multi-modal hubs  in strategic places. Eleven locations have been selected across BCC and SGC and it is expected that these will be built out from the summer
  • A key feature of the funding for innovative trials has been the agreement that the programme must track and monitor the success of the trials for at least 12 months; and the programme is being extended to enable this

SevernNet Updates

Kate Royston and Sam March provided a quick update on traffic and roadworks, Severn Ride&Stride and the next Business Breakfast; and we thanked all those businesses and colleagues who participated in March’s annual Travel To Work Survey (see presentation attached).

TIER Demos and Dr. Bike

Following the breakfast a number of participants took advantage of the opportunity to have a go on an e-scooter and e-bike; and the Dr. Bike appointments through the morning to ‘tune-up’ their bikes.

April’s Business Breakfast

We look forward to seeing you in April (Th. April 25th) and we’ll be providing details of the location very shortly. In the meantime if you’d like to book, here’s the registration link.

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