Apprenticeship Scheme Up and Running at Nisbets

Brightstowe Apprentices Begin Work at Nisbets

Three summer school leavers have gone straight into the world of work and taken up apprenticeships at Nisbets.

The trio – Alfie Giles, Jack Larrea and Libby Foley – have begun “earning and learning” at the Contact Centre at Nisbets. They will spend the first three months with the Database team familiarising themselves with the world of work and then commence Nisbets customer service training in January 2017.

Following a successful interview in July the new apprentices will take a customer Service Diploma. The one-year apprenticeship scheme forms part of the Nisbets in the Community programme.

“It’s exciting but also a bit scary to be out in the workplace but I’m determined to get a good job here at the end of the year,” says Jack.

“I didn’t know about Nisbets before I came here for a tour earlier in the year but it’s a real family environment and I already feel at home.”

They are also joined by a student Luke Harrison from Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy who is joining them on the apprenticeship scheme.

Brightstowe Assistant Principal Alison Eynon said “We know that recruits who start in Nisbets’ Contact Centre frequently progress through the business, gaining promotion and achieving highly successful careers.

“The Academy is so proud of our strong and continuing partnership with Nisbets. We are hugely grateful to Nisbets and the City of Bristol College for setting up this scheme and providing such an exciting and challenging opportunity for our school leavers.”


Working Knowledge Sales Apprentices begin roles in Corporate
In addition to this, five sales apprentices have started within the Corporate sector. The sales apprentices undergo six weeks of intensive sales training with top training and career development coaches and then they join the Corporate team to continue their sales apprenticeships onsite.

Working Knowledge will continue to support them with the college, and conduct monthly career developments and assessments.

Simon James the Head of Corporate Sales is so pleased with the first intake of apprentices, who are doing exceptionally well, he has committed a further 10 who start on 10 th October.

Seren who works for the Hotels sector says – “it’s really helpful to go through the academy, I have learnt a lot more about sales this way. It’s a great thing to do if you are a young apprentice.”