Bristol City Council, through its contractors ETM, is undertaking repair works to improve sections of the A403 between Ironchurch Rd and Kings Weston Lane.
This is much needed work, as I’m sure you’ll agree!

The works to repair sections of St Andrews Road will start at 09:00 on Thursday 8th February and run until 16:00 on Tuesday 13th February (excluding the weekend).

After much discussion the traffic management will be by traffic signals, rather than closures. This will be a mixture of 2-way and multi-way signals between Kings Weston Lane and Ironchurch Road, moving depending on where the works need to be done.

Due to the depth of tarmac required for this road, the signals will be staying up overnight where needed to allow sufficient time for the tarmac to set. This will mean that there is a significantly reduced chance that the works will need to be repeated in the near future.

An alternative, diversion route, will be in place for those who prefer to use it via Poplar Way West, Merebank Road and Kings Weston Lane. This will be an alternative to the signals. See diagram below.

There will be no signals etc in place over the weekend.

The current schedule for these works is as follows:

  •  4 way signals to be in place on the Iron Church Road junction on 8th – 9th Feb, and will be removed as soon as no longer needed.
  •  3 way signals to be in place on the Kings Weston Lane junction on 12th – 13th Feb, and will be removed as soon as no longer needed.
  •  2 way signals to be in place in between these junctions (only when multiway signals are not in place).

We appreciate that these works will be very disruptive. However, we can agree that the maintenance works are essential so need to be completed, and we thank you for your patience over this period.

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