Forging positive and meaningful relationships between business and community is an important aspect of SevernNet’s work. When approached with a little thought these relationships create a win-win situation where both business and community experience real benefits.

Nisbets In The Community Team at Avonmouth Community Centre


Much of the area covered by SevernNet sits within the Avonmouth and Kingsweston wards – known locally as the Four Villages; Avonmouth, Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston and Sea Mills, and are large residential areas. Each community has its own strengths but faces many challenges. Some parts of the area (known as Lower Super Output Areas) come within the top 10% in various deprivation indices, facing issues around employment and training, health and crime and disorder. These challenges create powerful opportunities for change, and for your business to be part of them. SevernNet has a creative approach to engagement that extends beyond financial support. For ideas of how your business could make a difference, visit our Community Action page.


SevernNet has a Community Engagement Working Group with representatives from across the business and community sectors. The group meets quarterly to prioritise areas of work, set actions and review progress. If you would like to find out more or join this group, then visit our Community Engagement Group page. If you have any questions about SevernNet’s work with the community, or how your business could make an impact, please contact our Community Champion, Alv Hirst:


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