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Updates on the walking and cycling routes across the area

SevernNet has been working with Sustrans, National Highways and the Local Authorities/councils with the aim of improving the network of walking and cycling routes in the Portbury, Avonmouth and Severnside area.

The ASEA joint project ran from 2018-2020 and significant work was done to design several routes in the area.

A route (SGC01) from Hollywood Rd along Farm Ln and through Western Approach Industrial Park to Severn Beach was vastly upgraded as a result (NCN4). We continue to work with partners to bring Sustrans’ designs to life and address the need to make further improvements.

(SGC01 above)

Avonmouth Improvements

As part of planning permission for major developments in the area, we expect Avonmouth Way to see a new and improved walking and cycling path alongside the road. This will be delivered alongside improvemts to Kings Weston Lane to bridge a gap in safe cycling/walking infrastructure. 

Click here to see the current status of planned walking & cycling routes in the area.

General interactive travel map showing rail, bus, walking and cycling routes:

Maintenance map

See the path maintenance updates page here. We’re using Mymaps to log where maintenance issues need addressing. You can also report issues on