Making Walking, Wheeling and Cycling better on an important commuter corridor

Lawrence Weston Rd (the path near St Bede’s that goes over motorway) will be closed from this Monday 3rd Oct until Spring 2023 as part of exciting improvements for walking, wheeling and cycling, including resurfacing and lighting. Diversion map below. Click here for full screen.

Red=Lawrence Weston Rd, Blue=Cycle diversion, Green=Walking diversion, Black=Kings Weston Ave missing pavement

Sustrans are managing the work, which will make this important commuter link
much better with vehicle access removed at the Merebank rd end (reducing
flytipping), the underpass will be cleared and boulders removed and zebra
crossing likely at the Merebank end to help with crossing. The whole length
will become nicer to use. 

DIVERSIONS will be in place (see dotted lines on image). Cyclists will be
advised to cycle along Long Cross up the hill and past Blaise Castle then down into
Hallen to get around. The alternative was Kings Weston Rd which is a 40mph road
with blind summits/bends. If anyone uses this road, do so with caution. Many
will consider using the pavement rather than use the road itself I imagine. The
Walking diversion also tries to avoid Kings Weston Lane for the most part, as
there in no pavement in parts. Therefore, the signed diversion is very long,
but no safe alternative was available.