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Stay active, keep fit and enjoy the benefits of travelling under your own steam!

Active Travel does just that – keeps you active and is more sustainable too!

Walking and Cycling

We’ve listed local walks and rides you can try. Check out our Rides and walks here

BetterbyBike – cycling maps and rides – Lots of rides to choose from around Bristol 

Let’s Ride (British Cycling) – Lists of rides around Bristol and guided rides happening

A Forgotten Landscape – Walking routes and history about the Severnside area

Keeping fit at home

With some people having to stay at home, we wanted to share some ideas for staying active in the house or garden.

Fitness Blender – Great source of workout videos and plans

Youtube – an unlimited source of free workout ideas! – try The body coach

Fast exercises – more videos

Sport England

Sport England has put together a list of free resources for fitness challenges and activities including apps currently with free trials and reduced costs here

“Exercising indoors can be preferable for reasons such as needing to watch the kids, avoiding poor weather, feeling safer in your own home, or simply preferring indoor activities to the great outdoors. If you already have a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike, you are good to go with your cardio workout. 

If you are not yet set up for working out at home, it is not that difficult to get started. These are some options for workouts if you have absolutely no equipment.

  • Aerobics or dancing on your own or with workout videos.
  • Circuits with push-ups, squats, front and side lunges, calf raíses, squats, jumping jacks, crunches, planks, and any other exercise you can think of to get moving. It helps to go from one exercise to another without resting, and you can alternate more intense ones with less intense ones to get a break while still moving.
  • Yoga and mat pilates.

Keeping fit outdoors

Sport England says:

“In any given day, you can still go outside for one form of exercise, such as a walk, a run or a cycle, if you’re well enough and as long as you’re on your own, or with members of your household. Please always follow the latest official advice on social distancing – which means staying more than two metres from others – and follow the advice on general hygiene. It’s important that you stick stringently to the guidance.

If you’re going outside to get fresh air and to get active, you should do so locally, staying close to your home and avoiding places where it may be hard to follow the guidelines.”

See their tips for staying active outdoors here, including building up fitness for 5k runs for example.

Walks and Rides

Avonmouth to The community farm

Leisure walk or ride – 4.6 mile return 30 minutes cycling approx.

Lamplighters marsh nature reserve

Avonmouth Station to The Lamplighter’s pub – 3 Mile return, cycling or walking