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Supporting your workplace travel needs


Information on the resources and support available from Severn Ride and Stride:


Getting to work

How your colleagues get to work is important!

We are here to help support your colleagues and move toward more sustainable modes of travel.

We have a range of support available below and have developed detailed travel to work guides here

Free bike hire

Borrow a bike for free to either get you started with cycling or make trips to the shops and work

We loan normal bikes for 3 months or e-bikes for 1 month each. View a poster to share here

email Sam on or call 07516661801 to reserve a bike.

Free ‘Dr Bike’ Servicing

We can arrange free on-site repairs and servicing, delivered in partnership with TravelWest

Support your colleagues by organising for a mechanic to visit and check bikes are safe and roadworthy

Flexible booking slots – contact

Free cycle training

Ideal for those who would like to boost thier road confidence or even learn from sctatch. Bikes are available to borrow and a qualified instructor can provide suitable training to meet your needs/level.

More information on cycle confidence here

Flexible booking slots – contact

Free on-site events

We can deliver free travel ‘fairs’ with Dr bike sessions alongside. We can distribute maps and other freebies including selling some ‘cost-price’ gear like lights.

Create a buzz around sustainable travel and support you staff.

Flexible booking slots – contact

How we can help

  • Creating bespoke Travel Action Plans for your business
  • Postcode mapping and tailored advice
  • Signposting to travel related grants, services and initiatives
  • ‘Try before you buy’ bike sessions for your staff
  • Cycle confidence sessions
  • Active Travel breakfasts
  • Bike loans schemes
  • Workplace Champion training
  • HGV and cycle awareness raising
  • Active Steps – an intensive 8-10 week health programme for staff

Contact us to find out more

Key workers

There is lots of help available for key workers specifically such as free bike loans and free public transport in places. See more here.

Sustainable travel

How your colleagues get to work is important. Everyone driving separately can cause problems with parking, clog up the roads, delay business deliveries, and lead to a more isolated, stressed and unhealthy workforce.

Sustainable travel however can bring many benefits: reducing traffic problems, attracting and retaining staff and increasing the wellbeing, happiness and productivity of your staff every day. Promoting sustainable travel is a fantastic way to show you care about your colleagues, your area and your environment.

For more information, our Getting to Work page outlines different travel options across the area. See our Walking and Cycling page for routes to work, maps and tips on how to start cycling. We have information on public transport options here.

See our Bus and Rail map here

See our Walking and Cycling map here

Travel planning

Please get in touch if you would like some advice from us on how to get to work or help others travel. We can offer lots of support including cycle route mapping, train or bus information and journey sharing options.

To promote to staff download our printable poster.

Contact us to find out more

Travel action plans

A Travel Action Plan is an easily digestible document detailing existing transport options, staff travel behaviour and identified motivators and barriers to active and sustainable travel. It also provides a step by step implementation plan to boost your productivity, profitability and competitiveness through the implementation of an action plan to encourage a reduction in single person car journeys.

Please get in touch if you are interested in receiving this in your business.

Bike loans

We have a fleet of hire bikes which we are loaning for FREE to key workers for up to 3 months, to help people get to work. Contact us to reserve a bike.

To promote to staff download our printable poster.

If you are keen to have a fleet of bikes for your business long term as a travel solution please get in touch and we can outline some options.

Free bike loans for key workers are also available from Better By Bike.

Match Funding

Travel West have 50% match-funded grants available for initiatives that improve  sustainable travel provision in a business.

That includes the implementation of physical measures, promotional events or any other measure that will encourage mode change amongst staff. Examples of these include new or improved cycle parking or storage facilities, parking management facilities, signage of cycling routes, provision of pool bikes, improvement of pedestrian access to and within the site, provision of car sharing bays in staff car parks, electric vehicle charge points, promotion of car sharing and events to promote walking and cycling.

We also offer fully funded small grants up to the value of £250. Some ideas for small grants include organising a bike/walk breakfast or purchasing prizes to run your own active travel challenge.

The current grant round is closed, but will be opening again in April 2020. Please get in touch for help and advice.