Summer 2024

We are endeavouring to update our matrix of expected roadworks across the area once a week from various sources available including updates from National Highways, Bristol City Council and One Network.

We welcome any feedback on this, including additions and omissions.

Please also let us know if you see apparent roadworks or congestion without an obvious cause or that don’t seem to be doing anything. We can then do our best to investigate.

If you’re concerned about travel and transport across the area (lack of it, future needs, state of the roads, poor resilience) again please let us know. Email us at info[at]


The latest schedule of roadworks is below. This can also be downloaded as a pdf here. Unfortunately not all the map links work from the pdf. We are working to resolve this.


Last Updated: 09/06/24

TitleLocationWorksDurationDatesTimesWorks RefTraffic Mgt.Map
24/6/24 – RMStephens & CoSevern Road (Outside MGF) Vehicle Entrance Repair   5 days24-28/6/24From 09:30 day 1- then 24 hours until finishedTW24_51Two-way traffic signals 
20/6/24 – ChevronSevern Road/Ableton Lane Road Maintenance / Surveying2 days20-21/6/24; 24/6/24 also a possibility09:30 on 20/6/24 to 15:30 on 21/6/24;  09:30 – 15:30 24/6/24PS24_36Multi-Way Signals
18/6/24 – BTSevern Road/Chittening RdDuct Repair and Blockage Clearance   2 days18-19/6/2409:30 – 15:30 PS24_59Multi-Way Signals
15/6/24 – S50Severn Road/Ableton Lane Valve Replacement1 daySat. 15 Jun 2408:00-17:00PS24_43Multi-Way Signals
15/08/2023 – National GridWest Town Gate (off Victoria Rd) into DockWest Town Gate is closed for the foreseeable future pending the completion of further work by National Grid. 15 Aug 23 until ?  Diversion to main Port entrance of St. Andrew’s roundabout 
31/7/23 – National HighwaysM5  between J15 and J17.M5 junction 15 Almondsbury and junction 16 Patchway bridge deck refurbishment12 months (approx)31/07/23 to Summer 2024; Phase 1 from 31/7/23 to end August 2023 Phase 1: 20:00 to 06:00 Phase 1 – Overnight closures
Feb23 – National HighwaysM4 / M5 interchange Dynamic Hard Shoulder enhancements Ongoing  3 narrow lanes with a 50mph average speed restriction in place