SevernNet was born  in 2009, building upon the links developed between businesses, community organisations and other stakeholders over the last 5 years. Working with over 150 businesses/organisations it has already achieved significant results:

  1. Cost savings through improved resource and energy efficiencies e.g. over £280,000 cost savings between 2009 and 2011 through landfill diversion and CO2 reduction.
  2. Involving 150 + businesses and organisations in over 30 events that provide quick, actionable ways to implement new knowledge as well as business development opportunities
  3. High level influence with policy-making for the West of England on key strategic issues such as skills and transport e.g.
    • Investment in M49 junction and links to N. Bristol
    • Low carbon funding and business support for local businesses and SMEs
    • Availability of local skills training and courses
    • Flood management across the area
  1. Making the case for improved transport across Portbury Avonmouth and Severnside with grants to employers, an area wide car sharing scheme, higher priority for improving safety on Kingsweston Lane and a community and business led proposal for a shuttle bus service across the area and more.
  2. Improving health, safety, security and environmental practices across businesses through sharing expertise and reducing costs of risk e.g. Siniat’s support of The Bristol Port Company’s ISO 14001 implementation reduced project time by two thirds.
  3. Getting local people supported into local jobs and skills development e.g. through Work Club mentoring and vacancies notification; and backing development of the local not for profit employment agency (Ambition Employment)
  4. Strengthening community groups through targeted business support e.g. Avonmouth Community Centre and Lawrence Weston Development Trust (Ambition Lawrence Weston)