We facilitate cooperation and collaboration, enabling business and community to work together to achieve our common goals

  • Community & Place
  • Travel & Transport
  • Circular Economy & Energy
  • Climate & Biodiversity
  • Employment & Skills
  • Health, Safety & Environment

We’re a social enterprise run by and for the businesses, community interests and stakeholders across Portbury Avonmouth Severnside*. We’re funded by our members.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Local and regional networking and business introductions
  • Business promotion through website, events and e-newsletters
  • Local collaboration, cooperation and lobbying to address common challenges na dn opportunities
  • Monthly Business Breakfasts
  • Trade Local Days (three per year)
  • Partiicipation in key local forums with local and regional stakeholders including Travel & Transport, Circular Economy & Energy, Skills & Employment
  • Regular e-newsletters including travel updates
  • Community engagement and local giving

* A cohesive coastal community extending from Royal Portbury Dock through Avonmouth, Severnside to Western Approach. Supporting the West of England’s Port-City industrial engine, attractive villages and internationally significant nature.

Our members include:

The Bristol Port Company


Lidl UK

Avonmouth Community Centre

Oxford Instruments

Business West

Wrings Transport

CIS 1976

S. Glos. Council


Severn Park Fire & Rescue Centre

Fowlers Engineering

Avonmouth Truckstop

Pilning & Severn Beach Parish Council

Signs Express Bristol

Professional Hygiene Services


Almondsbury Parish Council



CNG Fuels

Skills for Logistics

UK Carbody Ltd

Tercon Ltd

Security 2000

Brand 51

Bristol & Avon Transport & Recycling


Portishead Town Council

Molson Group

City Leap Partnerships

GKN Aerospace

Ambition Lawrence Weston

Avon Fire and Rescue Service

GXO Logistics

PBA Club

Flogas Britain Ltd

Day Group

Ruby Jeans

Bristol City Council

Walters Group

Avonmouth CE Primary School

GENeco/Weesex Water Enterprises

Shirehampton Methodist Church/JTE Centre

Severnside Fitness Hub